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All of the Star Barn Designers started out in their homes with a love of primitives and the desire to create!  The Star Barn continues to support and promote the smaller crafter.  Would you like to sell your wares but don't have the time or inclination to open, maintain and operate a website? Star Barn is interested in looking at your designs that you would like to offer with wholesale pricing.

It's easy!   Submit  your wares  

Requirements for submission:

- item must be created in the USA! by you.

- email submissions to:                                                       

Sub: Product Submission

-each item must be submitted individually

- each submission must include a front view photo AND a side view photo, the dimensions, weight of finished item, color or any other choice options and the wholesale price.  NOTE: if you offer price breaks for larger quantities, please include your price break schedule.


- Delivery: you are responsible for getting your items to the Star Barn either by shipping or delivery to central PA, at your expense -OR- by shipping directly to customer, sending tracking number to Star Barn Primitives.  Once delivery is verified, you will receive payment via PayPal.

If you ship directly to customer (drop ship), all documentation/shipping label MUST reflect Star Barn Primitives name and address to receive payment. It may NOT reflect your name/your companies name, address or contact information.


-RETURNS: Returns will be made to you, from   customer, once WE authorize the reason.  We reserve the right to authorize all/any returns as needed. If product is authorized for return because it does not closely resemble the item offered on the website, return shipping charges are your responsibility.  If item is damaged in shipping, you are responsible to file claim with your shipper. Customer will receive a refund and you are responsible to reimburse Star Barn within 5 days via PayPal or your account will be canceled.

- items ordered by the Star Barn must be closely similar to those pictured, with allowances being made for availability of materials. Example of allowances are a different shaped star, different color/print fabrics, greens and florals, etc., as long as it CLOSELY resembles the photo.

- crafters will be paid through PayPal.  You will need to have a PayPal account to get paid. Account is free to open.

Once you have made a submission, the item and your pricing will be reviewed by one of our designers.  If the submission is chosen for further consideration, you will be contacted by Please don't be discouraged if you do not hear back on a submission. It may have been added to our future consideration list and you may be contacted in the future concerning the submission, at which time you may choose to continue or decline.  You are never locked into anything. You may decline participation at any time.

Your item may be choosen for placement in a wholesale facility and/or promotion on our website.  If chosen for website promotion, it will appear in our "handcrafted by friends" catagory.  

So, why not give it a try! Send a submission today! Rembember, we will communicate with you every step of the way and you may decline to participate at any stage.

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